re: 40% of $2.5m is $1m
Posted by: ryhog 02:32 pm EST 11/30/20
In reply to: 40% of $2.5m is $1m - dramedy 01:39 pm EST 11/30/20

The weekly gross had been over $3m, no? In any case, it means little because this is a show that has shown an ability to sell very high priced tickets such that percentages don't mean anything.

In general, Page Six (or the Post anywhere) is the last place I would look for reliable info on Hamilton or anything else including Covid. That said, nothing is going to open until the state says it is safe. There will not be a reopening when there can be superspreader events, and Cuomo has never ever said what the article says about reopening. We will see what the facts are in the moment, which coincidentally has been Cuomo's mantra throughout. Right now, Everyone should be focused on keeping the virus at bay. The positive percentage in my zip code is about 1.5% so we are hopefully doing our part to make superspreading a non-event.

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