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Interesting observations.

MacLaine has sustained quite an incredibly long presence in movies. I can't find a parallel. Even if it is a supporting role, there she is. Virtually every year.

I did not find her electrifying on stage when I saw her at the (then) Gershwin. This was right after she won the Oscar for Terms of Endearment. She was good, charismatic, and a bit precious for my taste. She showed a clip from "Terms" and I found that VERY off-putting. "Give my daughter a SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" No, Shirley, no. Give ME a shot after jolting me out of Fosse and into James Brooks.

But she is the definition of trouper. Chorus girl to Broadway to Hollywood. That ain't the norm. And she made a horror movie in 1972 (a rather daring one I might add), which I think all big show biz divas should do. It's just a fun tradition.

Even Bette Midler did "Isn't She Great." With Nathan Lane as her husband! Saw it on Super Bowl Sunday in Chelsea. Seats were available. It WAS snowing.

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