re: York Theatre - Insurance?
Posted by: JereNYC (JereNYC@aol.com) 09:41 am EST 01/06/21
In reply to: re: York Theatre - mlop 12:59 am EST 01/06/21

I'm curious about how the insurance situation would work in a situation like this, where one organization is renting space from another. Whose insurance kicks in to cover these losses? The church's or the York's or would their insurance cover different aspects?

If the issue stemmed from something that happened at the church, it seems logical that the church's insurance should cover the losses at the York, but I'm sure there are myriad issues involved. Does it depend on what the rental agreement between the two organizations says?

Maybe the church's insurance would cover damages to the space itself, but the York's property contained in the space would have to be covered by their own insurance?

It seems unfair (and I know...life is unfair) to put burden on the York, if the fault for the incident lies entirely with the church.

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