The York Theatre Company Sustains Serious Damage Due To Water Main Break
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"We will definitely recover!"
James Morgan, York Producing Artistic Director

New York, NY (January 6, 2021) - The York Theatre Company (James Morgan, Producing Artistic Director; Evans Haile, Executive Director) has sustained major damage from a water main break that occurred early this past Monday morning. The damage is very extensive on the subterranean levels of St. Peter's Church, which house the church's Sanctuary and The York's offices and facility. Up to two feet of water and mud were reported at places in the facility and the theater lobby; various elements including ceilings, walls, carpeting and perhaps even the stage have sustained major damage. The interior of the theater itself received some damage but the new seating installed a few years back seems to be intact. Crews are working long hours daily to remove and protect damaged items.

James Morgan, Producing Artistic Director at The York, stated "We are devastated but will definitely recover." He went on to say, "There is damage everywhere from the mud and the water. We are in the midst of trying to recover archival files, scripts, lighting equipment, costumes, scenery, and 50 years of York Theatre history. Some things will definitely have to be replaced, such as computers, carpeting and some lighting equipment. What is irreplaceable are the papers and artwork which were soaked in the flood. We ask that you keep us in your thoughts."

Evans Haile, Executive Director, said, "We are closely working with St. Peter's Church and the City of New York to address the serious issues at hand." He went on to add, "We will continue our online programming and will be back producing live theater again as soon as we can reopen, pending the pandemic and major repairs. We welcome donations to help get us back on track. We feel very confident in our future."

The legendary songwriter and York supporter Tom Jones shared these words of encouragement, "The loss of all the carefully preserved material is tragic, but it is not terminal. The past is the past. The future is what counts. And the space. You have a workable space in the center of New York. That is your ace. If you have the space, you can make it work. You don't need theatre seats. Folding chairs will do. (That's what York had when it was born.) You don't need a fancy light board - at least, in the beginning. You don't even need sets or costumes - at least, in the beginning. You need a piano. You need performers and a director. And you need exciting material - material that will make people laugh and cry and feel that something special is taking place. I don't want to be Dr. Pangloss, but I honestly believe that, in the midst of the disaster, there is also a chance for a new beginning, even more exciting than the past. My thoughts and prayers are with you."

The York has set up a Flood Fund to help support the recovery from this devastating turn of events. Donations may be made by visiting https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/store/34375/alldonations/37335

For additional information, please visit www.yorktheatre.org
Link http://www.yorktheatre.org

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