The most I ever got
Posted by: aleck 09:15 am EST 01/08/21
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I tried selling some of my playbills several years ago with mixed results.

The most I ever got was $600 for a preview program of Rent, which included a separate song list sheet that was different than the song list in the program. I think it was for the performance the day before Larsen died.

I got $120 for a preview Playbill for Chess, with the ticket stub.

I think there are a few other obscure ones in these boxes: Look Away with Maya Angelo and Geraldine Page. Face Value. Gypsy Rose Lee in Auntie Mame, Rockabye Hamlet, The Philly tryout program for Chicago. Also from Philly: Linda Lovelace in Pajama Tops.

Also I have a few Off Off Broadway programs that featured actors who later went on to fame, like Bruce Willis, Colista Flockhart, Dylan McDermott, Michael Shannon, Adam Driver, Sam Rockwell. Mostly I have Broadway programs with actors who did not go on to fame, although some of them should have. I still have memories of specific performances that were astonishing with actors who were never heard from again. I also have the program of the first play that Scott Elliott directed -- Andrew After Dark.

When I say that the actors were "never heard from again" I mean in New York theatre. They might have gone on to be on TV or something, but since I don't watch TV shows I might not know. For example, a few years ago I asked someone "I wonder whatever happened to that skinny red-headed kid with the three names who was in On the Town with Lea Delaria." Then I find out he went on to fame on TV in Modern Family. Who knew? You leave the New York stage and disappear down the TV hole and you are dead to me.

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