Mertzlufft & Leonard
Posted by: GrumpyMorningBoy 11:09 am EST 01/08/21
In reply to: Someone is smitten. - dramedy 09:49 am EST 01/08/21

I think they're new talents, and as Anton Ego brilliantly wrote in Pixar's "Ratatouille," the new needs friends.

Although Mr. Mertzlufft is getting a lot of attention -- deservedly so -- I'd say that based on the new lyric I highlighted above, Kate Leonard is equally as talented as he is.

Do I think their work so far is quite as polished as it could be? No. But this stuff reveals their instincts, taste & talent, and I imagine that they'll continue to hone their craft in the coming years.

I don't know what this team wants to write, but they can write HITS, and that alone should perk up the interest of anyone in this atmosphere.


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