A host of opportunities: Which Broadway actors have emceed TV game shows?
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There's a mini-bumper crop of them right now. Tony winner Jane Krakowski is hosting a revival of ''Name That Tune'' on Fox. Another Tony winner, Kristin Chenoweth, recently emceed ''Candyland,'' a candy-making competition, on the Food Network. Tony nominee Alec Baldwin's been hosting a nightime version of ''Match Game'' on ABC, and Tituss Burgess emcees ''Sing On!,'' a karaoke competition show, now on Netflix.

Going back much further, Peter Marshall co-starred with Julie Harris in ''Skyscraper'' before heading for ''The Hollywood Squares.'' Gene Rayburn, in his pre-''Match Game'' days, replaced Dick Van Dyke in ''Bye Bye Birdie'' as Albert. And before Bert Convy won an Emmy for hosting ''Tattletales,'' he originated Cliff in ''Cabaret'' and Perchik in ''Fiddler on the Roof.'' And he returned to Broadway to play Guido in ''Nine'' for 2 weeks. Others?

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