Bobby Van did something, also Larry Blyden hosted the newer "What's My Line?"
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I forget what it was called, in which I recall they had him pre-recorded at his introduction singing, ending with a rather badly placed high note; they should have used a different take.

Larry Blyden hosted the new edition of "What's My Line?" Here's Patty Duke as mystery guest, one of the funniest on the newer version. For the older one, I highly recommend among the funniest mystery guest Rosalind Russell and, you wouldn't quite think it, but, Fredric March. Such a good actor, he kept switching personalities that the panelists hadn't a clue.

Back to Patty Duke, who starts to get annoyed, at least in character, especially at critic Gene Shalit's attempts to guess who the heck she is.
Link Patty Duke on Larry Blyden-hosted "What's My Line"

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