She was, as you'd expect, extraordinary....
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And with all due respect to Alice Ripley, sang the role even better, effortlessly and gorgeously. (I wish there was an album of her recording all the songs.)
I will say that while Jason Danieley was good as well, the show as a whole didn't work quite as well as it did with the original cast; while she by no means ever looked old, he's always looked young, so the age difference between the two was never more apparent (her being 50 at the time to his 38 or 39) – and with Meghann Fahy looking a bit more mature and sophisticated for her age than Jennifer Damiano, it was a strange grouping to this viewer's eye... so while the ages technically would work out and make sense doing the math on paper, it wasn't an entirely believable family unit, as much as it was with the opening night group.
But I'm thrilled Jason and Marin got to perform it together, and her performance was something to see, hear, and treasure.

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