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Posted by: royscho 11:55 am EST 01/10/21
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She sang the role gorgeously, but she always reminded you that she's a classically-trained singer who sings the role. Alice Ripley sang and acted the role with ruggedness and rawness that was perfect for the character - her voice reflected the turmoil and the wide range of feelings and aches that the character is going through. After you watch Ripley's performance, you realize there's no better way to interpret the role.

Marrin, on the other hand, didn't even try to go there with there singing, for the most part. She sounded pretty and highlighted the beauty of the melodies with her voice, but as a character interpretation, it was a far cry from the experience that Ripley was. Even the physical way she sang, with her mouth wide-open, reminded you of an opera singer singing a part (as opposed to inhibiting it), while Ripley's singing was flawlessly integrated to the character work and looked naturalistic.

Still, after watching Ripley once and listening to the cast recording a lot, it was refreshing to listen to a more classical interpretation of the songs. I wish there was studio recording her performance. If you listen to the songs out of the context of the show, her vocal performance is way prettier.

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