re: Marrin Mazzie in ‘Next to Normal’
Posted by: Quicheo 03:32 pm EST 01/10/21
In reply to: Marrin Mazzie in ‘Next to Normal’ - Gregv212 09:27 am EST 01/10/21

She was elegant and wonderful.

And what she and Mr. Danieley brought to the play was a sense of class. The privilege of the central couple was front and center. Wealthy, plenty of health care, multiple treatment options. And just like in real life, mental illness is devastating anyway.

Ms. Ripley was certainly more dangerous and she embraced the driving sexuality / eroticism of the character, especially at the start of the play. When Ms. Mazzie looked at her son, she was full of love and admiration and joy--Ms. Ripley wanted to devour him alive. Mazzie's story was tragic. Ripley's was horrific. Both approaches worked, but were different experiences.

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