re: Marrin Mazzie in ‘Next to Normal’
Posted by: royscho 12:29 am EST 01/11/21
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I can only rely on the performance that I've seen, and Ripley was great there. It was probably a month or two after the opening.

I have no problem with Mazzie's technically-excellent singing as much as the style that came off as a classical opera/musical theatre that just didn't work for me, especially after seeing Ripley (even tho, again, I enjoyed the new interpretation, but as a secondary one. Ripley's was the definitive for me.)

If you watch the video, starting from 2:30, you can see the way she physically moves her mouth and face. I realize it's required - at least for her - to produce excellent singing. But in the context of this very modern show, with its mostly contemporary score, singing it as if you're singing a Rodgers and Hammerstein ballad simply sticks out and take you out of the world of the play. Ripley simply made me forget that I am watching a musical.
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