Seeing iconic moments for the first time, without expectation
Posted by: EvFoDr 12:51 pm EST 01/11/21

The thread below about those guys hearing Jennifer Holliday sing And I Am Telling You... for the first time got me curious. What are some examples of other moments in theatre that you witnessed that would become iconic, but you saw them before they were a "thing", before anyone knew what to expect?

The main one that jumps out to me is Tonya Pinkins singing Lot's Wife in an early preview of Caroline or Change. She was still in excellent voice and either the recording had not been released, or I didn't have it yet, because I knew none of the score. I sat in astonishment, literally with my mouth hanging open. When I returned a second time I was filled with anticipatoin for this moment, but so treasured that initial exposure. In fact, I remember wondering at the time if this is what is felt like when people saw Holliday sing AIATYING for the first time with no expectations.

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