re: Hudson is better
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 03:00 pm EST 01/11/21
In reply to: re: Hudson is better - NewtonUK 12:17 pm EST 01/11/21

"Hudson is great with notes. Holliday is like a blues singer, she lives inside the song."

I realize this is very subjective, but I never felt that Holliday lived inside the song. I've always felt she was indicating the emotions through odd body language, very broad acting, and calculated vocal tricks. And I've always preferred Lillias White's interpretation of the song, which, from the first time I heard it, seemed much more organic and real to me.

I'm not going to bring Jennifer Hudson into this discussion, as I don't think her performance in the film can be compared with the others, because she was lip-synching, and I don't think her live performance of the song linked to above can be compared to the other either, because in that case the song was sung completely out of context.

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