Well said, ryhog
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 09:59 am EST 01/13/21
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"I am surprised by the cynicism here. We are all entitled to be grumpy, but why is this not a good thing? (And perhaps consider reading past the headlines as I suggest below."

Yes. And also, according to the article, this program "will feature upwards of 150 performers — among them Hugh Jackman, Wynton Marsalis, Renée Fleming, Amy Schumer and Chris Rock." A total of five performers are named, which is a very small percentage of 150, and it's only natural that the people named would be stars. I think it goes without saying that a large percentage of the performers involved in this initiative will be non-stars who will are very much in need of work and income at this time. So the cynicism expressed by some here does seem inappropriate and reactionary, a textbook example of people jumping to a conclusion without having all the pertinent information.

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