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Should? Absolutely. Can? Very much so debatable. Will? Likely not for a long time . "With masks and without tourists" (and financially feasible) means between 8 and 11 thousand (!) patrons per week, week after week per show (big bway musical that you mention above) to ensure sustainability, - week after week after week, - for shows that will likely have to spend 50% or considerably more of their original investments to reboot, not to mention any shows that might begin from scratch which oddly, considering you mention masks and no tourists, might just have a better chance, given that they have been unseen by NYers.

We theatre people (I count myself among them) so desperately want this to work, and believe it must, - never mind 'we'. That is incorrect, I cannot speak for anyone else, that was wrong, apologies. Speaking only for myself, I just don't see how this is going to happen in any sustainable way for a very long time. Putting up shows doesn't ensure audiences and dollars, even great shows - in the best of times. The notion that it will all just "turn on," is frightening to assume. How can it? True, the wealthy have maintained their wealth, and some wealth has even grown, but that is not the case for most of the country - and the world.

So, if Broadway is to re-start, the considerations are mind-boggling: The re-investments of old shows, the new investments of new shows (with investors no doubt being concerned, unless they simply have millions in disposable income), uncertainty about whether the virus is indeed eradicated, or at the very least under enough control to not put a huge portion of the theatre going audience at risk, the ticket prices which will have to be lower, which in turn will mean offers on the table for artists will be either minimum or - will producers and unions negotiate for even lower minimums citing the economic problems, and how do those artists even live in NY with those kinds of minimums, the many that need to be in NY who have likely moved away, and will have to begin again with deposits and rents and and... we are just at the beginning of the difficulty if one is to be realistic. I so want it to return, having made a life's living from it, but realistically, everything is about to shift, I believe, WHEN it actually returns. We are all going to be hit with many realities that we cannot see clearly at this point, because we are still operating with so many unknowns - basing everything on what "was" but not what "will be." Sigh. :(:(

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