re: Please enlighten us as to his misapprehension.
Posted by: ryhog 05:14 pm EST 01/13/21
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The idea of a parade is a non-starter, for the reasons Chromolume mentions, among others. Aside from the question of taking the time away to do it and paying for it (is he going to pay? producers will definitely not have an appetite to do so), who would broadcast such an advertisement nationally? Likewise, the underpinning of such an idea is that Broadway is going to open big; it is not. It will likely be a handful of shows at most (and likely small ones including plays), with The Music Man (the putative centerpiece of his "vision") pulling up the rear with a February opening and a Christmas start, neither ideal times for a parade. And of course we will hopefully already have a parade, in late November, which WILL have national coverage. So that point is just wrong headed. The other point is naive: although the price point will not range up into the ionosphere, with limited shows upping the demand and most everything being locally driven, we will not see huge amounts of discounting, for the simple reason that shows have budgets that are not especially malleable. Who is going to finance losses? Riedel? Again, not producers. If there is a significant dropoff, the reopening will be a flop or it will not happen. And of course it goes without saying that Broadway is already an affluent market and most affluent people are not among the many many people who have been suffering terribly. This is another explanation for why we will not see a broad reopening: tourists (meaning those who come and see one show that is designed for them and depends on them) will not be back until '23, 24, or maybe even '25. This is not a turn-the-switch-back-on situation.

That's my take or, if you prefer, enlightenment. Take it for what you will.

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