re: There are no rich people in NYC?
Posted by: ryhog 10:28 am EST 01/14/21
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There are a bunch of false premises in what KingSpeed wrote, and I list only a few. First, I have made the point several times over the last weeks and months that we are unlikely to see a lot of shows and especially a lot of "big musical productions" out of the gate. Hamilton is viable at 50% of its typical pre-covid grosses, and The Music Man will not have trouble finding an audience. I don't think a lot more will open before Spring '22 and even then it will likely be a similar number. Second, the market for big Broadway musicals that do not have to discount was never limited to "incredibly wealthy folk." (I don't have the impression that there are that many IWF here, yet most people here seem to manage to see the shows they want to see and then some. The demographic is certainly affluent folk, and most of those individuals have been working, remotely and from wherever. Some went away at the beginning but most are back. (Using my own building as an example, in April, half the residents were gone somewhere; most are back and only two are still away, both of whom are eager to return once restaurants, theatres, and the like can safely reopen etc.) Sure some people are gone for good, but they will be replaced in due course. The incredibly rich can and will come and go as they please, but I suspect the ones that loved theatre last January still love it this January. Yes it will take time for things to get back to normal, and normal will not be the status quo ante,but this will be reflected in the fewer productions that are opened/reopened. So I encourage patient optimism.

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