re: Revisiting 'Whorehouse' and 'Sweeney' at the Tonys & Drama Desks
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:46 am EST 01/15/21
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"It's not an issue for me. If I wanted to explain why what is an issue for you here is not an issue for me, I would have discuss several subjects: accents in that production, the difficulty of even knowing what accents would be correct for something set in London during the 1830s-1840s when the production was set, misconceptions that I've come to believe are widely held about British accents as I've become more and more aware of misconceptions I've had, and one or two more subjects related to accents."

Understood, and I'm sure I'd agree with all of your points. I guess one reason Merle Louise's poor accent was an issue for me was that there was at least one other person in the cast -- Lansbury -- who did perfect accent work. If it hadn't been for Lansbury, the fact that almost everyone else's accents were all over the place would probably have made me inclined to be less bothered by Louise's.

"Because of Loudon's brilliance, Miss Hannigan is now thought of as a leading role, but in terms of stage time and amount of material, it is clearly a supporting role."

Which reminds me of a funny story. When Nell Carter played Hannigan in that abysmal Broadway revival of ANNIE, her name was up in lights in front of the theater: Nell Carter in ANNIE. Which led a friend of mine to ask, fearfully, "Is she playing Annie?"

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