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Yes. It was brilliant in every way. Tell him I said so :-) Indulge me with a great story. Shortly after that I went to a season announcement party given by another theater company. We were invited because we are longtime subscribers. I got a drink and sat down and two women came to the table and asked it they could sit with us and I said of course. We chatted for awhile about local theater and I asked them if they had been lucky enough to see this production of Daddy Long Legs and I went on and on about how great is was. They were smiling as I was telling them about it because they were the two women who were the sponsors of the production and had given them $75,000 to fix the theater's roof that had been damaged by the hurricane. In addition they had given my university campus millions to build a new College of Business. Of course I then knew them by name and they got a big kick out of it all. A lovely, wonderful couple they are.

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