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If you go to StephenSchwartz.com, there's a Q&A section about ''Pippin,'' and Schwartz answers why he rewrote ''War Is a Science'':

''I did the revisions for "War Is a Science" a few years ago, for a production in L.A. that was happening at the time of the Iraq War. I found the euphemistic double-speak of Donald Rumsfeld and others in charge of the war ("casualty averse", "collateral damage", etc.) irresistible to satirize. It still seems pretty apropos to me, with our drone warfare and other ways to avoid acknowledging what we're actually doing. I think if you wind up getting the new cast album, you'll come to like the revisions.''

For more info, get Carol de Giere's updated and comprehensive ''Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz'' (Applause Books).
Link StephenSchwartz.com: 'Pippin'

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