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Clearly, the circumstances of this past season are unprecedented. But even in a regular season, I'd say multiple factors go into whether someone wins a Tony (or any award). ''Best'' is a subjective call, so is it because a performer seemed to get the lion's share of rave reviews? Is it due to his/her popularity among the voters? Is he/she the face of a hit show? Is this performer overdue for recognition or a win? Who can say for sure?

Even if COVID hadn't shut down Broadway last March, I believe Danny Burstein would've been the odd's-on-favorite to win Featured Actor in a Musical. He got acclaim for his wonderful work in ''Moulin Rouge!''' He'd be a 7-time Tony nominee who had never won before. He's beloved in the Broadway community. (And he won the Distinguished Performance prize out of all the Drama League nominees.)

Even if Burstein's ''almost certain win ... won't be celebrated in the way it should be,'' he still deserves the recognition ... and so do his fellow Tony nominees who made award-caliber contributions during the first 10 months of the 2019-20 season. For those honored with a nomination, this was still a thrilling career highlight, a rare reason for joy in 2020. To me, the alternative would've been worse: to dismiss or diminish the hard work of those who, through no fault of their own, had their Broadway runs cut short by COVID.

Of course, the Tonys are a commercial for Broadway, just as the Oscars are a commercial for movies. But I also believe in the tradition and continuity of awards. And the 2021 Tonys will reflect what happened before COVID and hopefully help pave the way ahead for the shows can return and reopen.
Link Playbill.com: Nominees react to 2020 Tony nominations with excitement, calls to action and more

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