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But the problem with "Pippin" is the very one you point out: he's going through his life as if it's real, whereas all of the actors are actors who are performing a part, but Pippin sees them as real.... because Pippin isn't actually an actor but they are?

And he's lived his whole life in a sort of "Truman Show" simulacrum, of which we are seeing a sped-up version, and which can only be performed once with this specific Pippin, even though they appear to be a traveling troupe that puts on lots of plays?

But then how do they have time to put on lots of plays, when clearly they've had to put all of this effort into just raising this Pippin so that they can do this show?

And if they are indeed a traveling medieval theater troupe (who are inexplicably on a Broadway stage making references to the war in Vietnam), why is it so important to them that this Pippin end his life in a fiery blaze of glory - after all, they can just put on other shows?

Why even go to the trouble of making this giant theatrical experiment in the first place?

Oh, and Charlemagne comes back to life for no explicable reason, not even like a miracle from God, which you would expect if this was indeed a Medieval troupe who put on Passion Plays (which, needless to say, wouldn't have musical numbers dedicated to orgies and critiquing the military industrial complex).

And in the face of all of that, your critique is that this story wouldn't be performed by a circus troupe. I think we have a bigger problem than whether these are a merry band of vaudevillians or a merry band of clowns and acrobats.

The minute you try to make sense of it, it falls apart.... or we just accept that the framing device is preposterous and enjoy the pretty songs, sexy dances, and cynical showbiz razzmatazz.

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