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I think "Last Midnight" is one of Sondheim's rare missteps within the show.

And it's because I know so many people who saw various productions of INTO THE WOODS without picking up on the Witch's Rap's early lyric: "Because my mother told me that I would be punished if ever I were to lose.... the beans!"

Or... they've really just forgotten it by the time Act 2 rolls around.

But there's usually so much staging happening during "Last Midnight" that when a very fast phrase like "punish me the way you did then!" just flies at the audience, they don't really connect it.

And thus, when the witch screams -- or wails -- or whatever she does on the last few words, "Crunch!"

It's just an odd way to end a song. I really think a whole lot of audience members are absolutely clueless about what happened to the Witch and where she went.

I know I was when I used to watch the PBS broadcast as a kid. :)

If i could stage it, I would give the Witch a far clearer bad ending.


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