re: ending of "Last Midnight"
Posted by: Chromolume 08:38 pm EDT 03/30/21
In reply to: re: ending of "Last Midnight" - GrumpyMorningBoy 08:32 pm EDT 03/30/21

But there's usually so much staging happening during "Last Midnight" that when a very fast phrase like "punish me the way you did then!" just flies at the audience, they don't really connect it.

Preceded by "Alright, Mother, when? / Lost the beans again!"

I think a good deal of more contemporary lyricists are much more guilty of trying to pack too much fast information into songs. (Does ANYONE write concise 32-bar refrains anymore??) I've never had a problem with the allusion in "Last Midnight." But maybe that's just me?? ;-)

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