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dramedy, I agree that with a well-written play, you can follow a complex story, so you can indeed follow GREAT COMET even if you haven’t read that complicated Russian novel before you took your seat. You can follow Shakespeare’s history plays without knowing the detailed background of the Wars of the Roses. Take RICHARD III. Within the first two scenes, it’s all laid out for you: the rivalry for power between York and Lancaster, and how Richard plans to leverage that. You can follow the plays of the ancient Greeks without being a classics majors. Obviously, the more background you know in such cases, the more things you’ll appreciate. I know some people who had only vague knowledge of the Harry Potter books and films, but still enjoyed CURSED CHILD.

The proposed GOT play is based on an incident that took place sixteen years before the start of the first book/season. There’s a king, there’s a bunch of quarrelsome noble families (with their own agendas and grievances), there’s a scandal, and there’s a mystery. This is merely alluded to in the books, so even us geeks aren’t going to be that far ahead of anyone who doesn’t know a Lannister from a Stark. I have no doubt that any intelligent theatre goer will understand it.


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