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Posted by: keikekaze 11:02 pm EDT 03/30/21
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The movie My Fair Lady is as absolutely faithful a version of a stage musical as can be--probably the most faithful musical stage-to-screen transition that was ever made. You have to remember that in 1964 My Fair Lady was not only a big Broadway hit, but the biggest Broadway musical hit of all time, and an internationally admired cultural event on top of that. Jack L. Warner produced it personally, and he wasn't about to tamper with that kind of success, nor was director Cukor. If either of them had been so foolish as to attempt any noticeable revisions, they knew that critics and audiences around the world would demand their heads on a platter. So for once Hollywood treated a Broadway musical with respect. Everybody involved with the movie did exactly what they were supposed to do--which is the opposite of "a mess."

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