re: but is the movie "such a mess"?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 11:09 pm EDT 03/30/21
In reply to: re: but is the movie "such a mess"? - Billhaven 06:11 pm EDT 03/30/21

Yes, and A STAR IS BORN is another brilliant but flawed film that would have been far less flawed if Cukor had had been better at pacing and good editing. Since he was not good at those things, the film turned out to be way overlong, prompting others to cut it by taking a hacksaw to it, whereas better pacing and judicious editing at the original director's behest could have easily avoided that awful situation.

And since we were talking about the messiness of MY FAIR LADY, don't get me started on the extreme messiness of A STAR IS BORN, in which -- to give only one example -- Judy Garland's hairstyle changes radically two or three times during the first few scenes of the movie, even though all of the action is supposed to be taking place over the course of one long night.

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