re: ending of "Last Midnight"
Posted by: Chazwaza 10:12 am EDT 03/31/21
In reply to: re: ending of "Last Midnight" - dooey 08:04 am EDT 03/31/21

Are we really left wondering so much?

Doesn't she spend the end of the song calling to her (witch) mother to take her away from this group and/or to give back her powers so she can make herself leave, even if it means becoming a monster again?

Alright mother, when?
Lost the beans again.
Punish me the way you did then.
Give me claws, or a hunch
Just away from this bunch
and the doom
and the gloom
and the boom... crunch

While I always found it vague, or confusing that at such a pivotal moment the authors would want to risk people being unclear on what had happened... it also made sense to me.

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