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I'm not sure which Elizas people are seeing... but Audrey's Eliza seems "gritty" to me, in the sense that I have no trouble believing she is a poor girl selling flowers on the streets. I'm willing to bet moreso than I would have believed Julie in her performance on Broadway in 1956. Audrey's accent, delivery, demeanor, and her physical performance all work to paint this picture clearly and convincingly for me. I mean I don't know, and I can't pretend the movie isn't the first time I saw this show... no, I wasn't alive to see Julie live. But I would bet a lot of money that she wasn't the Eliza everyone assumes she was (absolutely perfect for the time and production, though I'm sure she was - and that voice!), and I do not think convincing grit was part of her performance then the way people seem to insist it must be. Charm and confidence, sure... but she could barely even get the accent properly, right? Isn't something she said about her time rehearsing the show? I'm sure he was amazing, and a firecracker... but she gave a different performance than Audrey does and I don't think one is good and one isn't.
Bottom line, I think Audrey is fantastic in the film and her performance cannot be overlooked as one of the huge strengths of the movie and why it was so successful and awarded at the time. You don't get a best picture winner with a movie centered around 2 people, where 1 of them is amazing and 1 is bad and miscast and never rises above it. She was no less miscast than Julie, and I think, from what I can tell, she rose to the challenges of acting the role superbly. Would I have preferred someone who could sing it too? Yes. Of course. Would I trade Mary Poppins existing with Julie to have her in the film of MFL? Not on your life. (i do wish they could have just scheduled them to both happen -- but again, I adore Audrey in the film so... ah well)

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