re: but is the movie "such a mess"?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:23 pm EDT 03/31/21
In reply to: re: but is the movie "such a mess"? - Billhaven 09:54 am EDT 03/31/21

"What I object to, and it's like click bait to me, are dismissive statements like "it's a mess."......When folks start their discussing minute details of a movie (like faulty continuity, or a faulty rhyme) without first acknowledging the achievement of the whole, I feel compelled to defend it!"

FWIW, I agree completely.

"As for A Star is Born, I love watching the alternative versions of The Man That Got Away, for instance. Cukor kept filming it with Garland in different outfits and hair and setups until he found the perfect mix that highlighted (not the band). Perhaps it doesn't match with her earlier in the evening but it is emotionally and artistically satisfying."

Agreed, but why was it (apparently) too much to ask that Cukor should have ALSO paid attention to a basic point of continuity in making sure that Garland kept the same hairstyle for all of those scenes that take place during the course of one long evening and night? Sorry, but that is -- or should be -- a basic tenet of Filmmaking 101, and a director of the stature of George Cukor should not have allowed a huge mistake like that to be made. So I guess you and I do have very different opinions on the importance of continuity, but I think it's fair to say that most people consider it very important as a tool for ensuring a sense of reality and unbroken action in a movie.

P.S. Wait till you read my dissection of MY FAIR LADY, which I'm not in the middle of writing. I suspect it will make steam come out of your ears :-)

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