The Meaning of Last Midnight
Posted by: MRH 12:43 pm EDT 03/31/21

I was kind of surprised to see this discussion.

To me, the lyrics are pretty unambiguous

Alright mother, when
Lost the beans again
Punish me the way you did then
Give me claws and a hunch,
Just away from this bunch

And the gloom
And the doom
And the boom

By purposefully losing the beans again, the witch is able to get her magical powers back (the claws and the hunch) -- giving her the power to "get away from this bunch" --

She transports herself somewhere else, leaving the others to deal with the Giant alone...

The one line I think is a bit debatable is "Alright mother when" -- but I always understood it that since the witch has been throwing the beans around earlier in the song, she is now asking her mother "when are you going to transform me back....?"

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