re: but is the movie "such a mess"?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 02:12 pm EDT 03/31/21
In reply to: re: but is the movie "such a mess"? - Jax 12:58 pm EDT 03/31/21

That's a cute story about Shelley Winters, but first of all, I would say that a hair style changing from scene to scene when it should be the same in all those scenes is a far more serious continuity error than a change in shoe color, for obvious reasons. Whether or not Garland's changing hairstyles at the beginning of A STAR IS BORN constitute a "major" flaw is, of course, debatable. All I can say is that I first noticed it many years ago -- and the fact that I noticed it took me out of the film a little bit then, and in subsequent viewings. So I would say it's at least a significant flaw. If you feel, on the other hand, that a continuity error like that is so unimportant, of course you're free to make that judgment for yourself -- but honestly, if there wasn't a general feeling that it IS important to avoid continuity errors in films, why do they hire people specifically to help prevent such errors from happening?

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