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***I think Audrey can't be faulted for her "aristocratic beauty" shining through... beautiful women, including those with the physical attributes prized or idealized by the aristocracy, are born into all classes of society. ***

Agreed, and that's probably why it has never bothered me very much :-) Maybe another point worth making is that Audrey's face doesn't look to me like a face she could have gotten from Stanley Holloway as her father, although of course we never get to see Eliza's mother :-)

Interestingly, it's sort of the opposite issue with Wendy Hiller in the film of PYGMALION : I would say she had "plainer" features (if that's the right word) that helped make her completely convincing as the flower girl but perhaps worked against her being 100 percent convincing as the grand, aristocratic lady.

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