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Posted by: Chazwaza 09:09 pm EDT 03/31/21
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I don't think we are all gonna "face it" with you... many people don't agree with your assessment. I certainly don't. I find new things in this show all the time, and have since I was introduced to it as a teen 20 years ago.

And I don't agree that it's a mess... the show keeps so many strings moving, so many balls in the air, and does an amazing job of keeping them straight and paying them off both separately and as they impact each other. I marvel at it. I very layered show, very complicated and somehow still fun all the way through, with some deeply emotional sections as well.

And while Sondheim may have been past his "being able to write and re-write feverishly throughout previews with much of his best material coming in last-minute" (i'm not sure where you're getting this from, it may or may not be true... because just a few years earlier half of Sunday in the Park was written quickly and under pressure in rehearsals and previews), he was only in his MID 50s when writing this. It opened when he wasn't even half way through 56. And let's not forget after Into the Woods he wrote BOTH Passion and Assassins, and wrote and rewrote Gold!, Bounce, and Road Show many times. If I could write just Passion or Assassins in my 50s and 60s, or even in my 30s, I'd die very very happy and extraordinarily accomplished.

Also understand that the Into the Woods we know was a result of a ton of rewriting and progress in the writing and sound of the score... have you heard the cut stuff and original demos and SD versions? The show came a long way. So whether did it during broadway previews or from the SD workshop to NYC, he did a lot of work on the show after they had a produceable draft, as did Lapine. You may think it needed much more rewriting, but this isn't Lestat... they didn't do a draft, fax it in and move on, they did the work *they* wanted to do, and have had 35 years to rewrite more if they want, and have done almost no rewriting at all (and if anything, the small rewrites or additions have been made available options but not put it officially to replace the original versions).

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