New York Excelsior Pass proof of a vaccine / test Is available now
Last Edit: Leon_W 10:12 pm EDT 03/31/21
Posted by: Leon_W 10:08 pm EDT 03/31/21

I got the update email from Cuomo tonight and it mentioned that the Excelsior Pass app is available now for IOS or Android. If you don’t know it’s to prove vaccination status or negative results and aimed at opening up businesses like entertainment and sports. Venues like Madison Square Garden will start accepting it soon. They are hoping even the shops and restaurants will become interested too. I know it was mentioned below in passing as perhaps becoming used in Broadway so thought I would mention this here, it is easy enough to use because it’s a quick scan code from your phone or you can print it out if you like. It looks your results up based on a little personal information and gives you the pass.

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