Another Harold Rome musical fan
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Harold Rome also wrote a musical version of "Gone With the Wind" which was produced in London and I think also in Tokyo. I've never heard the recording; can anyone testify to its quality? I do like his scores to his other shows. "Fanny" has a wonderful score, and the Encores version of this was one of the best. The original starred Tony winner Walter Slezak, Ezio Pinza (later succeeded by Lawrence Tibbett) and Florence Henderson. "Destry Rides Again" also produced by David Merrick, starred Dolores Gray and Andy Griffith, and would seem to be a terrific candidate for an Encores production. I have the "Pins and Needles" recording which featured Barbra Streisand, and it is very clever and entertaining.

Regarding "Wish You Were Here", it's one of the few shows I recall reading about where the creators went back after opening to actually continue working on the show after the reviews to make it better. Plus a long slot on Ed Sullivan's tv show finally turned it into a hit. Does anyone know who the two actors are featured on the original cast recording? The show had a lot of people who became names. Beside Tony winner Sheila Bond, the show featured Jack Cassidy and Patricia Marand years before "It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman", Larry Blyden, Phyllis Newman, Florence Henderson (in a one-line role plus chorus), Reid Shelton and Tom Tryon (actor and later novelist). Are there any photos featuring the show's swimming pool? I couldn't find it with a web search.

I remember seeing Florence Henderson in concert at the old Village Gate in the first of what was supposed to be a series of one-person Broadway performers telling stories with music where she said Harold Rome used to repeat words again and again in his songs, which if you read them, sounded kind of funny, but worked when set to music. She sang "I Have to Tell You" which she had sung in "Fanny" to illustrate the point. Rome would also use this repeating word technique in the title songs of "Fanny" and "Wish You Were Here", too. Eddie Fisher had hits with both of these songs. It's kind of forgotten in the whole Debbie Reynolds-Eddie-Elizabeth Taylor scandal and Carrie Fisher's stories about him, but what a great voice he had! As I said above, a well-cast "Fanny" still works beautifully in performance and should be revived more often.

If there are candidates for movies of musicals that should be remade, I'd vote for "Fanny" and "Irma La Douce" to be done with their songs intact this time!

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