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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:40 pm EDT 04/02/21
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***Funny you should say that, because my first instinct when reading your comments on "aren'" was to think of the horn/your'n rhyme in "The Great Come And Get It Day." Normally, rhymes like that would be fine, IMO, in the spirit of having fun with the language. Ira Gershwin did a lot of that too. But for Higgins to be doing that doesn't make a lot of sense at all. (If the guy actually had a sense of humor about language it might be different...but he clearly doesn'.) :-)***

Agreed completely. But also, I have no problem with "your'n" in FINIAN'S RAINBOW, because it seems to me that even if Woody wouldn't necessarily use that word, he would be familiar with it because some of the sharecroppers he lives with might speak that way.

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