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The OLC album of Gone With the Wind is a good recording and worth having. Not one of Rome's best, but a solid score. Harve Presnell and June Ritchie are Rhett and Scarlett. Brian Davies (Rolf in Sound of Music and Hero in Funny Thing/Forum) plays Frank Kennedy.

I'm sure Sheila Bond is the girl on the cover of the Wish You Were Here liner notes. I would guess that the guy most likely is Paul Valentine, but it could be Sidney Armus. There's a picture of the pool on pages 8 & 9 of the liner notes for the RCA Victor OBC CD.

My grandmother loved Eddie Fisher and we watched his TV variety show every week in addition to The Ed Sullivan Show. When Fanny opened on Broadway, Fisher had Florence Henderson as his guest. They did a few numbers from Fanny.

When the obscure musical Hazel Flagg was running on Broadway, Fisher performed "How Do You Speak to an Angel?" on his show. My grandmother was so taken with his rendition of the song that she took me to Goldblatt's the next day to buy the OBC LP. I was only 5 years old, but I kept telling her "Grandma, I don't think Eddie Fisher will be on the record. He only sang that song on TV, not Broadway." Anyway, she didn't listen to me. However, we were never able to find the album at Goldblatt's or any other store. Decades later in 2004 when Sepia released the OBC album on CD, I was amazed to discover that Eddie Fisher's version of "Angel" was indeed on the album as a bonus track. So Grandma, you were right after all.

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