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Yes, I did think that, but couldn't help point it out. (I'm wicked.)

Also, Lancelot is French ... so now we have a Hungarian Grammarian AND a French Knight who studied English in America courtesy of Lerner, who, when it comes to national idiom, seems to have been a slow learner.

Mind you, let's not get into Sondheim's struggles with anglicisms in Sweeney Todd ... where politicians in England don't strictly "run" for office, and "crumpet" doesn't quite mean the same as "parsley"... but perhaps the Brechtian quality of the show excuses those; certainly nobody ever seemed to worry that Len Cariou didn't bother with an English accent, nor a likely dialect for a lower-class barber; indeed, I remember how the audience laughed at the line "What's the sound of the world out there ... / It's man devouring man my dear ..." which seemed to make the show about New York in the late 70s more than England in the 1840s.

But I'm not complaining about the most brilliant night in the theatre ever.

Meanwhile back to an English phonologist from an English tonsorialist ...

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