My Fair Lady -- Question about Rex Harrison's Vocals
Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 07:47 pm EDT 04/03/21

Since Harrison could not and/or would not lip-sync to his own vocals, were all of his songs done live on the set? How exactly were "The Rain in Spain" and "You Did It" filmed since Hepburn, Nixon, and Hyde-White were part of "Rain" and Hyde-White, Washbourne, and the chorus were part of "You Did It"?

BTW in the 1940 Night Train to Munich Harrison sings a few verses of 2 songs with piano accompaniment (I assume) live on the set. Even Margaret Lockwood (as Anna) tells him his singing is wretched.

(Note: Thank God for the Edit button. I was able to correct my Freudian slip. I initially typed Andrews instead of Hepburn.)

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