Hmmm.. Glib naiveté?
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I'm surprised you so cavalierly dismiss the idea – the producer sure aren't, from Hamilton (one of the biggest smashes ever releasing its film adaptation straight to streaming long before the Broadway show has run its course) to Diana (who not only financed their filming before the show opened, but are putting it up on Netflix only a month before the stage production starts previews).
(Also don't forget that Come From Away is also filming their Broadway production this fall, before it resumes performances.)

People have been talking about this for years....

...and years....

... long before Covid; and now that a global pandemic has proved both the appetite for it, and the need for additional revenue streams and expanded business models, people are still talking about it, more than ever.3
3 months ago:
...and now:

Unless you've read all of these articles, or have spoken to even more producers and artistic directors than I have,
I'm not sure Yang is the one with a fundamental misunderstanding of interest and economics.

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