re: Hmmm.. Glib naiveté?
Posted by: ryhog 10:15 pm EDT 04/05/21
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I have probably read all of those articles or close to it. I have engaged with a lot of people; I have no idea how it compares to you in quantity, but there is not much quality in what you link. (Your first link to Ken D. kinda makes the point, no?) Here's the thing: Hamilton is sui generis as we all know, and it had banked well over a half a billion dollars in just under 2000 performances before it streamed anything. And that kinda serves up the economic argument. Yes, Netflix, Disney, et al will jump on the shows they can sell, but what happens to the ones they can't (which is most of them). Several possible answers, none of which are good for Broadway, the theatre, or New York City. Do you know how we make sure Netflix keeps buying? Do you know how Netflix short-circuits the production of these things? Think about it and get back to me. It is not pretty. I am happy to discuss this, in any depth you can throw my way. I stand by my two word description that struck a nerve.

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