What WAS the L.A. Stage Alliance?
Posted by: reed23 12:05 am EDT 04/06/21
In reply to: L.A. Stage Alliance is bowing out after gaffe at Ovation Awards - WaymanWong 11:40 pm EDT 04/05/21

I've been looking for even the most basic information about this LA Stage Alliance since the story began. Who are they, both in general, and very specifically by individual?

They have no Wikipedia page. Their website is incredibly crude, with about three pages with virtually none of the most basic information one would expect (no "about us," "who we are," "our programs," "our constituent theatres," nada, bubkes.)

Since all those theatres quit the Alliance en masse, I assume it's something the community could live without. While I detect a little "...and the horse you all rode in on!" followed by a door slam in the Alliance's abrupt press release, it doesn't sound as if the theatres were seeking resolution of the myriad issues – they split the scene; end of engagement and resolution – followed unsurprisingly by the "Alliance's" self-evaporation.

I can't figure out if this "Alliance" was comparable to the Theatre Development Fund, or the Broadway League, or what – I guess a bit of both, but in the Wild West of LA Theatre, with its patchwork of mostly small theatres scattered a 500-square-mile town.

I'd still be curious to know WHO the Alliance was – as in, human beings with names.

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