re: Higgins' grammatical "mistakes"
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 01:13 am EDT 04/06/21
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***"I'd be equally as willing for a dentist to be drilling than to ever let a woman in my life": I'm sorry, but that is just a f***ing great line, period. It rolls off the tongue so deliciously that if someone ever replaced it with a grammatically "corrected" version, I would ... (propriety forbids me).*****

In my opinion, the point is that it was Lerner's job as a Broadway lyricist, working at what is supposed to be the highest level of his craft, to come up with a lyric that would be witty, would roll off the tongue deliciously, and would ALSO be grammatically correct. I'm not sure why you put the word "corrected" in quotes, seeing how the line you focused on is unquestionably incorrect from a grammatical standpoint, and in fact contains at least two errors that are not debatable.

***My Fair Lady has one of the greatest set of lyrics in musical comedy history, if not the greatest, grammatical "mistakes" and all.***

Agreed, 100 percent. But I wonder why it angers you so much when the mistakes are pointed out. And again, you should have not put quotes around the word "mistakes," as there are several inarguable mistakes in the lyrics.

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