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Posted by: ryhog 10:14 am EDT 04/06/21
In reply to: Well... - ShowGoer 06:09 am EDT 04/06/21

I don't find what you wrote snark.

I did not limit what I said to Netflix/Disney, but what I was trying to emphasize was the outlets that could produce meaningful coin for a production.

I was writing about commercial Broadway productions because that's what Yang was talking about, whereas you seem mostly to be talking about non-profit companies. I think the dynamic, motivation, and economics are almost completely different.

I don't think what theatre lovers think about the Mint etc all translates at all, and I would also note that these things are not professionally filmed full productions, nor are they even possible without concessions that will obviously evaporate in short order.

Bottom line, I think filming is bad for the theatre because it diminishes/depreciates/imperils the art form. You don't see that, so we have to disagree about that. I also confess that I think Yang adores glib solutions that are ultimately lazy at best. In this particular case, I think his grand solution betrays a lack of familiarity with the subject. Just curious: has anyone ever seen him at the theatre? I haven't.

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