re: Higgins' grammatical "mistakes"
Posted by: StanS 11:53 am EDT 04/06/21
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I put "corrected" and "mistakes" in quotes, because they are mistakes only from the point of view of grammatical correctness. I The line(s) in question are perfect from the point of view that matters: giving delight to the listener. When a line does that, most listeners who are not hung up on pedantic correctness will simply not notice the errors. When I first heard that line I didn't notice anything wrong with it at all, and I'm a native English speaker who knows the grammatic rules. Yes, when you point it out, then I notice it, but it's still of no real importance. I don't find it detracts from the brilliance of the line at all.

I'm not angry that the mistakes are pointed out. It can be fun to point out these mistakes. But it's like pointing out the famous shot in Hitchcock's "North by Northwest": just before Eva Marie Saint shoots Cary Grant in a crowded cafeteria at Mount Rushmore, you can see someone holding his hands to his ears, as if he knew the shot was coming. It's a mistake. It's fun to know about it. Does it detract from the audience's enjoyment of the scene or the greatness of the movie? Not one whit.

Yes, by all means, point out all the mistakes. It's interesting to know them. I only get angry when these types of mistakes are treated as an actual weakness, to say that Lerner wasn't doing his job. He did his job brilliantly. You agree that MFL is one of the greatest sets of lyrics. My point is that "I'd be equally as willing ..." is part of the reason for that greatness, not an exception to it.

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