re: Higgins' grammatical "mistakes"
Posted by: Billhaven 12:00 pm EDT 04/06/21
In reply to: re: Higgins' grammatical "mistakes" - StanS 11:53 am EDT 04/06/21

I'm reminded of Ruth Sherwood's "One Hundred Easy Ways to Lose a Man". When her beau tells her "You're the one to who I give my heart" she responds "I'm afraid you've made a grammatical error. It's not 'to who I give my heart,' it's 'to whom I give my heart.' You see, with the use of the preposition 'to', 'who' becomes the indirect object, making the use of the word 'whom' imperative, which I can easily show you by drawing a simple chart."
Ruth has missed the point of the moment. I feel, Michael, that you have, as well.

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