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Let's just keep in mind... Disney bought Hamilton because it is a global phenomenon, and paid as much as they did for it with the intention to sell tickets to a cinema run. They likely will still eventually do that.

Netflix bought Diana because it is new and it is Diana... they have a big investment in the Diana story right now, with lots of other stuff on it. They didn't buy it because it was so good it deserved to be seen or because it was an established hit, or a buzzed about show sure to to BE a hit on broadway... it's apparently none of those things. (and i bet the producers are happy to gamble that this film might spark new interest rather than kill some, and either way they got lucky with a subject matter that's very appealing to the biggest streaming platform/producers in the world)

Most stage productions do not have these very specific things going for them to get them filmed and bought.

So I don't think we can look to either and their success as an example or standard that can be applied almost anything else.

(it's also yet to be seen what success Diana will have for Netflix, if it will have actually been "worth" whatever they paid for it. But their goal is to keep you watching and clicking the next thing and trusting they'll have more content you might want to consume so you keep paying monthly).

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