You know, now that you mention it – I've gotten so much money back from his shows because of this.
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"The Front Page", "Hello Dolly", "Meteor Shower", "Three Tall Women", "The Iceman Cometh", "The Waverly Gallery", "Hillary and Clinton", "King Lear", "Gary", and "The Inheritance", if I remember right.
All were subject to credit card disputes that I launched when my the water bottle and those of the party I was with were confiscated at the door – in each case I called Telecharge to notify them of why I was disputing part of the ticket charge, in every single case I was told by Telecharge that that shouldn't have happened, in each case I received an apology, in each case was promised it wouldn't happen again, in each case it did, and so in each case I filed a dispute again, all resolved without protest in my favor;
$10 here, $20 here, $5 here, depending on how many people I was with and how many waters we had to surrender.

Broadway as a rule lets you bring in water bottles with no other exceptions except his shows, and although he's involved with roughly 10% of the plays in a given season, I can't (and shouldn't have to be bothered) to check before I head to the theater and see whether his name is somewhere on a list of producers that will then prohibit me from being let in... especially when some of us have medical conditions that require us to stay hydrated (often for 4-to-6 hours during things like Lear, Iceman and Inheritance), and most especially when the ticket company, which is managed by the theater owners (Shubert) consistently tells me it shouldn't be happening in the first place and won't happen in the future.

I'm guessing all told I've been refunded roughly $200-$225 over the past 4 or 5 years of theatergoing since he randomly instituted this policy at his shows.
No idea who's paying for that in the final analysis, but I sure hope it's his production company.
And while I've been criticized on here before for handling it this way, with someone saying 'rules are rules' and "this is the height of entitlement' –
considering Telecharge keeps telling me it shouldn't be happening in the first place and they'll look into it, I don't think it's entitled at all.
But if it is, then after reading this article, I've never been so comfortable with being called entitled.

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